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General terms

In the Terms & Conditions 1st Boilers (a company registered in England & Wales with company number 9761414) will be referred to as ‘the Company’ and the person ordering the product’s will be referred to as ‘the customer’.

1.All content including images and information on the company’s website is subject to copyright laws and must not be copied in any way without the company’s permission.

2.By placing an order with the company, you the customer are confirming that you are the owner of the boiler that you want taking out and renewing.

3.After placing an order we will require photos of your current installation to get a more accurate quote over to you, you must ensure that these photos of your current installation are as accurate as possible to avoid any possible extra charges with regards to extra materials being needed to complete the job.

4.We will on the morning of the installation require the money for the boiler materials once we are on site. This is a variable amount and you will be informed of the amount once you have agreed to have the installation carried out.

5.The remaining balance which again will be a variable amount depending on that particular job will be required when the job is complete.

6.Any payments outstanding will be subject to interest until the full amount is paid.

7.Any materials delivered to site will remain 1st Boilers property until payment is received from the customer.

8.In the event of materials being delivered to site and the engineer not being able to attend again these will remain the property of 1st Boilers until either picked up if the job cannot go ahead or until the customer pays for them.

9.The customer should have someone present when a delivery of materials is taking place.

10.Once materials are signed for they are the customers responsibility to keep safe and dry and free of damage unless an engineer is on site.

11. If after the customer has signed for materials and then looses them this will be fully chargeable of the value of goods to the customer.

12..Trademarks of 1st Boilers including logos and branding  are not to be replicated or reproduced.

13. If upon physical inspection of the site by a engineer the materials or the job is deemed unable to go ahead then the company will inform the customer of any additional costs to complete the work and this will be outside of the original price quoted.

14.The company has the right to refuse to carry out work if the engineer on site encounters any unsafe situations including- rudeness, dangerous animals, threatening behaviour.

15.The company can refuse any job.

16.The engineer attending site should have allocated parking within 200 yards of the property.

17.Any parking restrictions including pay and display and permits will be down to the customer to pay for.

18. Any parking fines incurred by the engineer will be chargeable to the customer.

19.When converting from a conventional gravity system to a pressurised system it is taken that the customer’s existing pipework and valves are free of blockages and are in good working order. Where there are any leaks caused due to the increase in pressure from the new system the company cannot be held accountable and any work to rectify will be chargeable to the customer.

20.When converting to a pressurised or a combination boiler any showers at the property will be deemed sufficient as far as the information we receive from the customer, any unsuitable showers that we see we will then advise the customer on extra costs to replace with suitable items. Any showers that upon physical /closer inspection are deemed not suitable to work with the new system will be down to the customer to arrange fitting of a new suitable replacement. 

21.After the company complete works in the customer’s house that involve turning off the mains water to carry out associated works, if we then turn the water back on to discover that the customers ballcock or the toilet inlet valve is passing this will again be down to the customer.

22.When installing certain boilers we will need to remove balanced flues and then brick up the existing hole in order to accommodate the new round flue for the new boiler, when we brick up the hole we will try to get as close as match as possible to the existing wall surface. It is often not possible to get an exact match and the customer will be deemed to accept this.

23. When installing certain boilers we may need to drill a new flue hole. We will seal the old flue hole with your permission using a suitable building material but the customer accepts that the finished surface is their responsibility.

24.We have assumed that your property is in a good state of repair and contains no structural defects or weaknesses. We will not be responsible for any damage caused to your property as a result of any existing defects. Whilst all reasonable care will be taken the company cannot be held responsible for any damage to existing plasterwork, flooring, kitchen surfaces or any materials inside the property.

25. Whilst engineers working on behalf of the Company will take reasonable care not to damage wiring, plumbing and other services at your property, the Company cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to existing services/installations that are not clearly visible.

26.Your existing heating and plumbing system will be deemed to be free of leaks and damages. Any leaks from existing fittings  or pipework already weakened or old will not be covered by the company while the engineer is there. 

27.If a system is found to be blocked or a heavy build up of sludge is found we will clean it the best we can with a chemical cleaner but will not be held to account for the new boilers efficiency and would advise that a poweflush is carried out.

28.If the company is installing a boiler in the customers loft then it will need to be accessible by means of a fixed ladder, the floor must be boarded and a suitable loft light must be available. This will be a chargeable service to the customer if not present.

29. When quoting we the company assume that your current gas supply will be sufficiently sized and adequate. If this is not the case then we may need to install a new gas pipe. This will be discussed with the customer and the most direct route shall be taken.

30.Cuts or holes made to allow for equipment will be made good but not permanently finished or re-decorated. Floor boards will be put back or replaced where necessary but special and/or laminated floors cannot be permanently re-fixed. Any carpets which are lifted will be re-laid to the best of the engineers ability, however, we cannot be held responsible for carpets which have been nailed or glued down. It should be anticipated that an amount of redecoration may be required, this will be the customer’s responsibility and is not included in the price.

31.When draining down older systems with motorised valves sometimes these can then fail due to being dry. If when the system is filled up and a valve is found to not work then we can offer to fix/replace but this will be chargeable to the customer.





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