1. Whilst all reasonable care will be taken during the execution of the works, no responsibility can be accepted for any faults or failures that may occur to existing piework/fittings, equipment etc due to disturbance caused while performing associated works.
  2. The quote we provide is based on a non-intrusive survey of the property and, as such, it is assumed that any existing systems that we connect to are in good condidtion and working order. Should we find during the course of the works, any faults with the existing systems we reserve the right to correct the said system.
  3. Dismantling and removing cupboards and furniture is done so at the customers risk and 1st Boilers can be held in no way responsible if any damage happens to occur.
  4. If during the proposed works we are asked t lift carpet in order to run pipework ect, these will be lifted and relaid back by us on completion, no allowance has been made for restretching or fixing, unless specified. The same applies for laminate flooring, tiled flooring and vinyl sheet coverings.
  5. Whilst all holes formed during the proposed works will be made good on completion, no allowance has been made for re-instatement of decorations. We do not guarantee to match existing brickwork where boiler flue terminals have been removed.
  6. No allowance has been made for boxing in or painting of new pipework.
  7. It has been assumed that we will be allowed access to relevant parts of the property while carrying out the proposed works, any delays may be subject to an extra charge and/or delay in completion of said works.
  8. Ownership of any materials supplied, whether fixed or unfixed, shal not pass to the client until payment in full has been received for said materials. We reserve the right to take whatever legal action may be necessary to secure payment for the works carried out and materials supplied either fixed or unfixed.
  9. The works described in the estimate will be guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of completion against faulty design and workmanship. The material supplied will be subject to the suppliers/manufactuerers guarantees. The client’s statutory rights in law are not affected by this guarantee. This guarantee does not cover existing installed equipment, pipework or fittings.
  10. Terms and conditions are given on the estimate for the proposed works and it is a condition of acceptance that these be adhered to.
  11. The price specified in the estimate does not include for the removal of any dangerous waste materials such as asbestos found when carrying out the required works. This will be subject to an extra charge.
  12. Acceptance of the estimate confirms to these condidtions.