• Cold Spots?

  • Dirty Water?

  • Strange Noises?

  • Breakdowns?

  • High Heating Bills?

kent power flush



  Kent power flush experts have the solution!

Over time, heating systems build up with magnetite sludge. If you have an older system that has not been regularly flushed, excessive amounts of sludge may have built up contributing to problems with your heating system.

A Power Flush is the safe, clean and easy way to remove sludge (magnetite sludge) from your central heating system.

The powerflush process removes central heating system contamination and sludge leaving your system clean and healthy. It takes just a few hours and causes minimum disruption and zero mess. If you require a completely new boiler we also offer this service as well as boiler finance options.

We will perform a before and after thermal imaging of your radiator to show you exactly how much it has improved.

Before power flush
Cold spots covering 70% of your radiator
After power flush
Full heating coverage of your radiator

Our Kent Power Flush team are experienced and professional engineers who will thoroughly clean your heating system giving you:

  • A much warmer home
  • Reliable hot water
  • Reduced heating bills